The new Topman advert filmed at Stockwell bowls features some top names in London graffiti. Good publicity but absolutely no recognition, Banksy on the other hand would no doubt have made a pretty penny for being featured. A year or two ago relentless similarly filmed an advert with professor green at unigate, also featuring a few London artist mainly the work of Orgie OSA, again no recognition at all.
Pop culture has become so acceptant of graffiti in the mainstream yet the artists are still doing real jail time only for their work to be stolen by multi billion brands. The amount of pop musicians and brands that are using artists graffiti free of charge to portray this 'youth culture' image they think their target audiences will lap up makes me physically sick. The fat cats wallets are getting larger, all while some poor graffiti writer somewhere is getting pinched without a penny to his name.
As disgusting as this is, would many real writters come forward to claim artist royalties???



Out of all of the zines The Taffy's published so far this has got to be my favourite, as far as content go you wont be disappointed. 2006 contains mad amounts of panels from across the globe, action shots and even some extracts from police interviews, which I thought was a real nice touch. 
Cop this one for sure!
A5 bound 52 pages of unpublished trains from 2006, limited to 200 signed and numbered editions all taken on 35mm. Photos from Cardiff, London, Liverpool, Newyork, Hamburg, Paris, Lille, Marselle, Stockholm, Moscow, & more.