Port ur gal,

some time last year,


Band tube map,
big up all city cronx.


OUSE | 90's Rave | 27.03.15 from OUSE on Vimeo.

If you've missed the last few Ouse events you surely have no social life and are technologically inept.


Hank Schrader has an epiphany …,

Clap Track,

Our pal Max smashed his latest visuals for Hospital records on the new release 'clap track'. Not sure how he managed to get his hands on all this old footage but it syncs so well with Lynx's' erratic percussion to make a more sinister tribute to the Baptazia super sunday gospel rave parody videos. 
Lynx, a fairly recent addition to the Hospital squad is really killing it right now, and if your one of the nay-sayers that think DnB has become predictable and no longer original, I strongly suggest you give him a listen. Check 'Where are you' ep and new release 'I am Lynx' for real innovative and diverse production.