A taste of things to come.


One of the first Rufnek collaboration walls we did from a while back now.


Last april we showed ourselves down at the 'Ouse carnival up in the sunny midlands, thought we'd head up and do some rap sprays for them. Accompanied by a couple other cool urban guys showing off their spray talents proved to be a great night. Big up Samer & Nightways!
Must have been enjoying ourselves too much as we only managed to catch a few shitty phone flicks. Luckily for us, the lovely Bianca was there to save the day. Footage from the night will be making an appearance soon.
      These lot really stepped up their game with this event and definitely the best night I've been to in a while. With a great festival vibe to it, it was a great warm up for the summer. Never short of funky outfits, vibes' tunes, great artwork and awesome people, the ''Ouse party' has come a long way from the house party it started as four of their events ago!
Make sure not to miss the next instalment!


A while back Sam produced this concept artwork for the film 'Filth' as part of some sort of design competition.
Good film, worth a watch if you haven't seen it. Based on the book written by scot, Irvine Welsh, the same author of the book of everybodys cult favourite, 'Trainspotting', was based.
     Quite a dark but comical film, the main theme being corrupt police officers (well, officer) acting according to his own personal motives, generally abusing the power in trusted to him along with colleagues and members of the public alike. You see the downfall of a drunk corrupt Scottish officer (James McAvoy), things get weird and the twist at the end even weirder.
     Even with the film being in general fairly dark, perhaps the producers felt Sam's pig skull faces were a bit too morbid for the potential viewers. Shame, I thought it was much better than McAvoy riding a pig in a bobbys uniform.


Old blackbook entry I found, from early last year I think, the bottom one also ended up being painted that summer, trying to dig out the picture but not having much luck...


Sams submission to the 'Sewer side cult' hand-made zine;
Put together by a bipolar/schizophrenic/autistic artist who uses his creativity to vent his anxiety and depression as a sort of therapy, this magazine contains around 30 pages illustrated by the artist Phillip Dearest plus entries from 75 guest artist worldwide that he invited to be apart of the zine. 
Using online submission Phillip selected around 75 artists submissions to be published in the two parter zine, hoping for the magazine to be a platform for underground artists around the world as well as for them to express normally-unnacceptable thoughts, ideals & experiences. All of the artwork is two-tone white on black all using dark and death related themes.