A art/advertising campaign Sam has been doing under the theme 'Random Nature' as part of the 'Art on the Underground project.


Open your mind tee and another one of Bens designs up for sale on bungoclothing; 
Check that shit out! HERE


Latcha that we did some album artwork for a while back is really doing well for himself, keep an eye on this one cos we think that he's gana go places! As much as the house/minimal/garage sounds are becoming generic and mainstream, Latcha has his own sound style about this genre and the up and coming dj/producer has been smashing it over the last year.

Check out his latest two track ep released via Slime Recordings, currently exclusive to Juno downloads, HERE. Also make sure to check the review that one of the other labels he has released on, Immersed Audio, have to say about the ep, HERE